S E Oh Myyy!, Using Structured, Semantic Data for Stellar Content

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S E 'Oh Myyy', Using Structured, Semantic Data for Stellar Content

Like all things Web, SEO is a wild ride. Ranking criteria changes rapidly as do strategies for optimizing content visibility. As challenging as this is, the goal of both search and content providers is the same: to deliver quality content to Web users. Schema.org is a collaborative effort founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex. Its purpose is to create, maintain, and promote structured data schemas for embedding a voculary of metadata into Web markup. This provides a common, rich context for search engine ranking and offers content providers a means to improve content quality - a win win!

This session will introduce schema.org structured data as both an SEO tool and a means to improve the organization and provision of content for Web users. Topics will include:

  1. An overview og common structured data use cases.
  2. Examples of embedding structured content into your markup.
  3. Using search engine tooling to validate structured data.
  4. Enhancing search result form and function with structured data
  5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications.
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