Role: Principal Frontend Developer at Arc XP

ArcXP PageBuilder Themes

  • Engineer react components for Pagebuilder Themes content management application.
  • Collaborate with Designers & UX Researchers on a branch of the Arc XP Design System, focused on multibrand, multi-tenant experiences for PageBuilder Themes.
  • Lead research & innovation on B2C commerce integrations with DXP Commerce services.

Role: Solutions Architect at Arc XP

Architectural Lead - Infobae migration

Infobae.com is one of Argentina's larget media news outlets. As Frontend Architect, I lead a migration of the site UI to use PageBuilder Fusion, Arc XP's React rendering engine. Combined with other stack and network optimizations, this resulted in:

  • 90% improvement to site accessibility.
  • 98% improvement in site performance.
  • Significant increases in Google Lighthouse metrics.

Read more in the Arc XP Customer Story, Replatforming to drive exponential audience growth.

Architectural Consultant - Gray Television migration

Gray Television owns and operates stations in 113 television markets, collectively reaching 36 percent of US television households. As a Solutions Architect, I consulted Gray's Web Engineering team as they architected a scalable, multi-tenant solution on the Arc XP DXP.

Read more in the Arc XP Customer Story, Delivering its network of stations win-win digital experiences.

Skill - Performance Optimization for Core Web Vitals

In 2021, Google's Core Web Vitals introduced a paradigm shift in Search Engine Optimization. Metrics for website performance and User Experience had become a key factor in SEO strategy.

At Arc XP I spearheaded research to align clients with new strategies, helping them to adapt and optimize for the Core Web Vitals changes. Client launches and deployments were paired with Core Web Vital audits to preserve and improve upon page ranking.

This research also influenced Architecture of Arc XP PageBuilder Themes, allowing clients to use components optimized for Core Web Vitals.

Skill - Addressing Region Specific Needs

As a Solutions Architect at Arc XP I consulted clients in 5 continents. The insight I gained in doing so empowered me to offer solutions unique to specific regions. Examples include:

  • GDPR legal requirements in European Union countries.
  • Performance considerations for regions trending mostly "mostly-mobile" userbases.
  • Region-specific commonalities in Content Taxonomy and Navigation patterns.