Who I Am!

I am a technologist, innovator, and educator. My strongest areas of expertise are:

UI Development

My strongest Web Engineering passion is in creating user interfaces that are useful, intuitive, and inclusive. My primary goal is to Keep It Simple to maximize code reuse and maintainability. Other focus areas include SEO, accessibility, and performance optimization.

UX Strategy

User Experience strategy affects all decisions I make with web production. I study the stakeholders involved in different experience paradigms, each usually having distinct, different goals. This insight empowers me to create experiences in which goals are aligned, resulting in all desired success factors.

Mentoring & Speaking

My passion to learn and innovate is coupled with the desire to empower and educate. I have had leadership positions that allowed me to mentor my colleagues and consult my clients. I also enjoy presenting at conferences and meetups, contributing to multiple subject matter expertise communities.


The growing market of microcontrollers, sensors, and 3D printers have supercharged my mindset for creativity and innovation. This has inspired my involvement on projects involving robotics, automation, and art.