Flexible, Powerful Static Website Creation with Hugo

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Flexible, Powerful Static Website Creation with Hugo

The static website has been reborn! Using a static site generator can simplify website production, optimize performance, and improve security. By streamlining the production process, static site generators can make more time for creating content instead of maintaining the plumbing that delivers it.

Written in Go, the Hugo static site generator (SSG) is very fast and built for performance. What also makes it stand out is an extremely powerful, flexible content model. Content may be presented and filtered by structural heirarchy, type of content, or archetypal taxonomies. Page-specific configuration is achieved via Frontmatter, a metadata format read by Hugo in YAML, TOML, or JSON. Hugo also has a highly customizable, modular templating model with a complementary theming capability.

This session will cover the workflows and methologies of Hugo site creation. Topics will include:

  • How Hugo makes The Web fun again by keeping things simple
  • Using Markdown or Markup for easy content creation
  • Understanding the Hugo content model with sections, content types, and archetypes
  • Site- and page-specific customization with frontmatter
  • Making templates for content, structure, taxonomy
  • Shortcodes, integrations, and other Hugo extras

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