Celebrating Star Wars day with Raspberry Pi

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Star Destroyer chassis for Pi Zero

Happy Star Wars day! Let’s have some fandom fun! :-)

Let’s start with one of Raspberry Pi’s newest innovations, The Raspberry Pi Zero. Next let’s encase it with a few hundred Nanoblocks in a shape befitting said Star Wars fandom. Geekery ensues!

While this is some scifi fun and I am admittedly showing off a bit. I send this out as a salute to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Pi Foundation inspires global educational empowerment with the creation of low-cost computer hardware. Just when I think The Pi Foundation couldn’t inspire me more, they blow me away again with a $5 computer board. That’s right, five dollars. With the addition of some peripherals and adapters, the Zero can be made into a human-usable computer system at an ashtonishingly low cost.

BTW, please don’t read into my choice of spacecraft as a reflection of anything Pi. I doubt that the Pi Foundation is filled with Sith Lords with ambitions for intergallactic domination. I chose a recognizable build that didn’t hide the board. The hanger bay below also helps heat escape when executing intense Hyperspace programs!